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New Era Media Arts



Welcome all! Let us tell you about NEMA and how we plan to change entertainment, the music industry, and provide a safe and equitable partnership with creatives of all types.

For far too long, most creatives have lived in the shadows of the large players like Hollywood - distribution controlled by music labels, and production/marketing firms - and have had to eek out a living because there was no one to help them navigate the rough waters of the entertainment industry. We plan to be that partner, to help make the journey a little less painful, and to increase your chances of success, as fellow creatives.

In everything we do, the fundamental goal of NEMA is to protect and guide talented creatives so that everyone in the chain gets paid. There is plenty to go around, so the days of the large conglomerate that takes the lion's share of profits are numbered.

Our goal is to disrupt the decades-old entertainment/music industries and put a new model and infrastructure in place.

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