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Catalog of Services

Through our internal resources, partnerships, and collaborations, the Catalog of Services below lists what we do, but not how we do it. We intend to change the game when it comes to how deals and contracts are structured, being far more transparent and fair with our artist partners than how the industry has been, protecting IP and copyrights, opening up several revenue streams that most don’t have or even know about, all in a positive environment with good people that want you to succeed. We are laying the ground work for a new revolution in music and entertainment, to provide more opportunities for the next generation of A-list artists and to build all of the infrastructure so that we can support efforts for live events, all the way to virtual and augmented reality productions of the future. The new era in media arts.


A few of the listed services are in development but we will notify all subscribers when each one goes live. Be patient, it will all be worth the wait!

  • Movie & Documentary Productions

  • Movie Soundtracks

  • Copyrights and Publishing

  • TV Shows/Reality Shows

  • Artist/Band Equitable Business Partnership Contracts

  • US Music Tour Development (including venues)

  • International Music Tour Development

  • Festivals (US & International)

  • Music Productions – Albums, EPs, Movie Scores, TV Shows, Ad Campaigns

  • Content Promotion, Marketing, and Licensing

  • Entertainment Legal

  • Real Estate Development – Venues and Destination Properties 

  • Digital Distribution of Content – Technologies & Partnerships

  • Online Platform Portal

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